Waarom scherpe cartoons soms blauwe plekken veroorzaken… – 't Scheldt

Waarom scherpe cartoons soms blauwe plekken veroorzaken…

Wat een briljante naam voor een wereldvermaard cartoonist….de Adder! Michael de Adder is een Canadese cartoonist met een opmerkelijk curriculum bij een grote Canadese krantengroep, de New Brunswick (meer correct de Brunswick News INC, of BNI zoals ze zichzelf noemen). Meer dan 17 jaar lang nam de krantengroep cartoons af van Michael de Adder…

Wat een briljante naam voor een wereldvermaard cartoonist….de Adder!

Hij heeft zijn naam niet gestolen…Michael de Adder. De Adder is een Canadese cartoonist met een opmerkelijk curriculum bij een grote Canadese krantengroep, de New Brunswick (meer correct de Brunswick News INC, of BNI zoals ze zichzelf noemen). Meer dan 17 jaar lang nam de krantengroep cartoons af van Michael de Adder.

In de loop van deze 17 jaar leerden zowel Michael de Adder als de editors van de krantengroep met elkaar leven. En dat is een verdienste van beide partijen, want er is niets zo cynisch als een krantenbedrijf, en niets zo ontziend als een cartoonist. Net zoals in een huwelijk van tegengestelden leerden beide partijen welke elkanders ‘go‘ en vooral ‘no-go‘-zones waren. Cartoons over de beruchte eigenaar van de Brunswick News Inc, J.D. Irving, waren een no-go-zone. En ja cartoons over Trump, dat werd ook niet echt geapprecieerd. Dus bood de Adder gewoon geen cartoons over Trump aan aan zijn klant.

De Adder was niet vast in dienst van de krantengroep, hij was een contractueel. Hij had dus de vrijheid om nog voor andere media te werken, of voor zichzelf. Scherpe cartoons over Trump plaatste hij gewoon rechtstreeks op zijn persoonlijke Twitter account.

Aan de jarenlange samenwerking kwam deze week een bruusk einde.

Vanop afstand te zien is het moeilijk de vinger op de wonde te leggen. Het lijkt erop dat een bijzonder scherpe cartoon over Trump die vanop het Twitter account van de Adder viraal ging, de oorzaak was voor de New Brunswick om de samenwerking per direct stop te zetten.

Dat is alvast wat de wereldpers er op dit moment van maakt.

De krantengroep daarentegen brengt aan dat er al weken onderhandeld werd met Michael om de samenwerking stop te zetten. Zij zouden hun cartoonbudget voortaan graag spenderen aan Greg Perry, een andere cartoonist die door de lezers zou gekozen zijn om de kranten van de New Brunswick te voorzien van cartoons.

Journalisten die de zaak van het ontslag van de Adder volgen brengen aan dat J.D.Irving zijn geld vooral verdient met zijn oliebedrijf, en dat er nauwe banden zijn met de Trump administratie. De cartoon over Trump die naast zijn golfkarretje staat en geheel tactloos communiceert met de lijken van vluchteling Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez en diens dochter Valeria, ging viraal en het zou de eigenaars van de Brunswick News bijzonder geprikkeld hebben te weten dat het ‘hun’ cartoonist was die Trump zo blameerde.

Cartoon gebaseerd op beroemd geworden persfoto van journaliste Julia Le Duc in de buurt van Matamoros nabij de Mexicaanse grens. Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, 26, en zijn 23-maanden oude dochter Valeria liggen levenloos in het water nabij de Amerikaanse grens.

Het moet gezegd dat de krantengroep al geruime tijd op de hoogte was van de virulente cartoons tegen Trump van Michael de Adder. De Adder was in Canada al enige tijd de poster boy van de Anti-Trump beweging. Het zou dus perfect kunnen dat het ontslag al een tijdje in de lucht hing.

Wat er ook van zij…we plaatsen hier de laatste 56 Tweets van Michael de Adder bij wijze van bibliografische referentie naar de recente gebeurtenissen.


Laatste 56 Tweets van cartoonist Michael de Adder

  1. I have a million texts, emails, dms, tweets, status updates, replies and phone messages. I just don’t know where to start. I apologize to every reporter, news organization and television station that may have been under deadline and waiting for me to reply. No reception.

  2. I’m home from the wilderness. What’s been going on?

  3. But in the past 2 weeks I drew 3 Trump cartoons. 2 went viral and the third went supernova and a day later I was let go. And not only let go, the cartoons they already had in the can were not used. Overnight it was like I never worked for the paper. Make your own conclusions.

  4. With this said, I had been giving the NB newspapers what they want for several months. Trump wasn’t on my radar. I work for canadian newspapers so there’s no need to cover Trump 24/7. And Canadian politics is quite interesting right now.

  5. The Premier of New Brunswick Blaine Higgs is a former Irving Oil executive and any cartoon I drew that was slightly critical of him was systematically axed. You want to know why I was let go? I wanted to do my job as an editorial cartoonist, and they wanted me to do their job.

  6. And Donald Trump doesn’t even matter. It’s a distraction from the big picture.

  7. It got to the point where I didn’t submit any Donald Trump cartoons for fear that I might be fired.

  8. Does it matter if I was fired over one Donald Trump cartoon when every Donald Trump cartoon I submitted in the past year was axed?

  9. I do this relunctanly and only because I’m cornered. And I don’t know how it happened, but I feel my credibilty is on the line. And all I did was lose my job.

  10. But I will defend myself. And I will talk about why I think I was let go. It’s my perspective and they clearly have there perspective.

  11. I could write a thesis on my experience at the newspaper that would be captivating. But do you know what? I’m not going to. They gave 17 years of employment and gave me a job when the Daily News folded. And what would that say about me?

  12. When you work on the editorial pages at an Irving owned newspaper for 17 year, you learn how they operate. It’s not a front row seat, but it’s a third row seat. You definately get a clear picture of how they run a newspaper.

  13. It sounds corny, but I have a personal code of conduct. It’s kept me employed for 20 years in a business that’s been dying for 10.

  14. So for me to get into a fight with my employer, especially in public, is not something I do lightly. The reason I keep surviving is because not only do the editors I admire call me back but so do the jackasses.

  15. Sure I got into fights over cartoons. But in the end I said, you know it’s not personal. I’m just doing my job- fighting for my cartoon. And you’re doing you’re job- fighting for the paper.

  16. I’ve spent my 20 year career not burning bridges with any employer. I’ve had more editors than anybody I know. Many were jackasses. But the jackasses didn’t know I thought they were jackasses. I treated the jackasses the same as I treated the editors I admired.

  17. Suddenly losing a job doesn’t seem that important.

  18. Since I seem to have the world’s attention for 15 minutes, let me tell you about my uncle. He was one of the most decent men I ever met. He always had a smile on his face no matter what was going on in his life. And he said what was on his mind no matter what.

  19. I just got pretty good cellular reception and the first thing I get is a text from my brother saying my Uncle Ron died. It’s been quite the week.

  20. I clearly didn’t expect this response.

  21. I am in an area of Nova Scotia with normally low cellphone connectivity. It being Canada Day weekend connectivity is zero. I’ve driven a ways to provide this update to say I know I have a pile of media requests from around the world. All will have to wait until I return.

  22. I’m off the grid for the day.

  23. Cartoons from the past two weeks.

    View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
  24. The hardest part in all of this,I have a mother with dimentia in NB who has a hard time remembering her family at times.But she knows her son draws cartoons. Part of her daily routine is to open the @TimesTranscript and see her son’s cartoon.A cartoon that won’t be there anymore.

  25. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    It’s not that type of book. It’s a local book. I’d rather have the job.

  26. I’m getting out of Halifax overnight where there’s very little cell phone reception. I’m so close to being finished the book I’ve been working on for the past six months and I need to focus. The support has been overwhelming and appreciated and motivating.

  27. I draw Donald Trump today but there was a time I drew tie fighters all day. I thank you but there’s a 10 year old kid in me who’s mind was just blown.

  28. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    Wes Tyrell@tyrell_wes

    Cartoonist Michael de Adder was let go from his job drawing editorial cartoons for all the major New Brunswick newspapers 24 hours after his Donald Trump cartoon went viral on social media, a job he held for 17 years. #@@AAEC_Cartoonist

  29. What’s crazier, a cartoonist getting fired from a newspaper for a cartoon he didn’t draw [@chappatte] or a cartoonist being fired from a newspaper for a cartoon they didn’t run?

  30. Not in the movie.

  31. This was scheduled to appear today. Donald Sutherland receives the Order of Canada. He was born in New Brunswick. It was based upon a cartoon I did years ago for a book I did on the province. The fact that they didn’t even run it is telling. All ties had to be cut ASAP.

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  32. *Technically I wasn’t fired. I was under contract not employed.

  33. I will have more to say in the coming days. I just don’t know what to say at the moment. But after that I’m going to move on pretty quick.

  34. True enough.

  35. I’m not the type of person who’s going to make a career out of being fired.I’m still successfully drawing cartoons for other publications.I just need to recoup a percentage of my weekly income and get used to the idea I no longer have a voice in my home province.

  36. I’m a cartoonist, I can’t tell if this is irony or coincidence, but I did draw this only last week.

  37. BTW: I’m not a victim. I just finished a book, that will be out in September and I still freelance for some amazing newspapers. It’s a setback not a deathblow.

  38. Thanks, Mark. You’re also the best at what you do.

  39. I loved drawing cartoons for my home province. I’m a proud New Brunswicker. I will survive.

  40. I’ve got to admit, it hurts pretty bad. I’m a New Brunswicker.

  41. My cartoons will no longer appear in





  42. The highs and lows of cartooning. Today I was just let go from all newspapers in New Brunswick.

  43. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    Mathew Helman@MatHelman











    Please reply with any you recommend.

  44. Me neither.

  45. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    George Takei


    Heartbreakingly accurate. http://po.st/mgQDI9 

    Devastating Political Cartoon Portraying Donald Trump’s Reaction to the Death of Migrant Father and…



  46. PHOTO: Political Cartoon Portrays Donald Trump in a Golf Cart Asking Dead Father and Child Washed Up on Shore ‘Mind If I Play Through’ https://secondnexus.com/news/political-cartoon-portrays-trump-dead-child/ 

    Devastating Political Cartoon Portraying Donald Trump’s Reaction to the Death of Migrant Father and…



  47. That’s the problem with government. As soon as you look the other way they go about business as usual.

  48. It’s just mindboggling that ships aren’t told to slow down annually without having to wait for more collisions. I just assumed they would do this every season.

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  49. Thanks for your kind note.

  50. I tried less polite Trump and felt “do you mind if I play through” to be more delusional and dismissive of reality. It was a cartoon choice. Of course he’d be more rude in real life.

  51. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    Grant Porpoise@Ctborum

    Ignoring them is worse

  52. Michael de Adder Retweeted

    (((Jana Ben-Moshe)))@jb_in_motion

    Expecting more of the same with your replacement.@deAdder

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  53. I could watch this all day.

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